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    Zakynthos Zante :: What to visit

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    The Solomou Square in the evening
    This is the main square in Zante town and is named after the Greek National poet Dionysios Solomos. Born on Zakynthos he found inspiration on the island for his poem “Hymn to Freedom” which forms the lyrics of the Greek national anthem. A statue of Solomos dominates the square, which is a popular place on summer evenings for locals and tourists alike to take a pleasant stroll or stop for coffee in one of the nearby cafes. The square is also surrounded by many important buildings such as: the Church of Saint Nikolas on the Mole, the Byzantine Museum of Zakynthos, The Cultural Centre of Zakynthos and also the cinema.
    The Byzantine Museum of Zakynthos
    Located in Solomou Square , in Zante town, the Byzantine Museum houses an impressive collection of hagiographies from the Byzantine era, as well as Hellenistic and Byzantine sculptures and statues, and fine icons from many of the churches on the island. Zakynthos itself was home to many excellent hagiographers such as Doxaras, Koutouzis, Tzanes, Kandounis and Damaskinos and the museum shows examples of their works as well as paintings from the 17 th and 18 th Century when Zante was the centre of an Ionian School of painting.
    The Cultural Center of Zakynthos and the Library
    Next to the church of Saint Nikolas on the Mole, in an impressive building are the Cultural Centre of Zakynthos and the Public Library – which is one of the best in Greece with over 50,000 literary works. The library also has a small art gallery, an interesting collection of dolls wearing local costumes, a photographic display of Zakynthos throughout the ages and also the historical archive of Zakynthos.
    The church of Saint Nikolaos on the Mole
    The church of Saint Nikolaos was built in 1561 and is the oldest building in Solomou Square and is also the only Venetian building that survived the devastating earthquake in 1953. It is a church of great historical value and is also an important part of Zakynthian culture as Saint Dennis, the patron saint of the island, served for a short time here.
    The statue of Dionysios Solomos, National Poet of Greece
    The statue is located in the square of the same name, to honour Dionysios Solomou the Greek poet whose poem “Hymn to Freedom” formed the lyrics for the national anthem. The statue and the square serve to celebrate one of Zante's most famous residents and the square is the main square in Zakynthos town.

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